Planoly Releases New Video Planner Tool

Published: December 5, 2022

PLANOLY is a social marketing platform that launched a new tool designed to simplify video content creation — Video Planner. The solution helps take videos from “idea to post” by planning and publishing content in one place.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Video Planner enables brands and creators to ideate, schedule and organize social content from Instagram to Pinterest to TikTok in one place, saving significant production time.

The productivity tool’s audio and video recommendations, central space for ready-to-edit-in-platform content ideas, captions, hashtags and audio and post-time alerts allow creators to quickly capitalize on trends that can capture audiences.

Video Planner supports short-form video content strategies, allowing creators to stay organized, manage workflow and maximize audience and social ROI across multiple channels and platforms.

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Who It’s For

The product is for small business owners and operators, entrepreneurs, content creators (especially short-form/social-media video creators), social media managers and any others responsible for managing a social video strategy.

What It Solves

Many brands and creators are lacking video strategy, fighting algorithms and experiencing a decline in engagement and unsustainable, plateauing growth patterns. A centralized tool to house and build upon content from end to end aims to simplify things, saving time and money.

What Makes It Special

Video Planner is a comprehensive, cross-platform productivity tool that is designed to simplify video content creation.



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