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Oracle Acquires Maxymiser, Predictive And Data-Driven Tools Could Be Next

Featured Oracle Acquires Maxymiser, Predictive And Data-Driven Tools Could Be Next

Oracle acquired Maxymiser, a cloud-based testing platform designed to personalize the customer experience across the Web and mobile. Observers noted that the move could signal Oracle’s future plans to add more predictive and data-driven tools to bolster its Marketing Cloud.

"It absolutely looks like [Oracle] will continue pursuing other acquisition targets," said David Lewis, Founder and CEO at DemandGen International. "Predictive and data sourcing seems to be the next step, and this is great momentum."

Recent purchases indicate that Oracle is focused on gaining predictive capabilities. The company acquired Datalogix, a purchase-based audience targeting solution, at the end of 2014 to bolster its Data Cloud offerings, and the acquisition of Maxymiser brings predictive and data-driven targeting tools to the table.

The move also puts Oracle Marketing Cloud closer to parity with Salesforce, Adobe and other competitors in the marketing cloud space, sources noted. "[The acquisition] seems like a good move," said David Raab, Principal at Raab Associates, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. "It rounds out its B2C and B2B offerings."

The acquisition positions the Oracle Marketing Cloud to increase customer engagement — and ultimately revenue — through insights about how prospects engage with campaigns. Users can gain a holistic view of prospective buyers and predict the best decisions for Web and mobile campaigns.

"Although the vast majority of marketing leaders agree customer experience is central to their brand’s long-term differentiation, they struggle to systematically use customer data and data science to discover and deliver the experiences customers want online," said Kevin Akeroyd, General Manager and SVP for the Oracle Marketing Cloud, in a statement. "Without a data-driven approach, marketers are left with lower conversion rates, poor customer engagement, and lost revenue and ROI.

"[Our mission is to help companies] use data science to systematically test, discover and predict what customers want and deliver uniquely tailored experiences," said Tim Brown, CEO of Maxymiser. "We are excited to join Oracle and bring these capabilities to help extend Oracle Marketing Cloud."

Details of the deal were not disclosed, and both companies will continue to act independently until the deal is finalized.