Survey: Few Companies Align Their Demand Gen and Sales Training Efforts

CorporateVisions logoOnly 10% of companies are completely coordinated in their level of demand generation and sales/training alignment, despite the fact that 40% of respondents believe optimal alignment does contribute to stronger lead conversion rates. Those are just some of the results from a recent survey by Corporate Visions that polled 420 B2B professional worldwide.

More than 15% noted that their efforts were uncoordinated, while 43% said their efforts were somewhat coordinated.

When asked about the impact that this coordination — or lack thereof — had on their organizations as a whole:

  • 40% said alignment leads to better lead conversion and closed deals;
  • 11% said alignment has no significant impact on lead conversion and closed deals; and
  • 25% said lack of alignment leads to lost lead conversion and closed deals

More than 20% are unsure about the impact either way. This data point suggests that many companies may not even measure this critical information at all.

“These survey results support our contention that there’s a potential ‘conversion gap’ in companies between demand generation and sales follow-up conversations,” said Tim Riesterer, chief strategy and marketing officer for Corporate Visions.