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Akoonu Unveils New MAP And CRM Integrations, Launches Content Planning Module

1ce09af55fec444988fd96fedea795d6Akoonu, a digital marketing platform specializing in buyer journey maps, customer personas and content planning, has unveiled expanded integrations and new content planning features designed to help B2B marketing and sales teams connect with key prospects within accounts to drive better account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns.

New integrations with marketing automation platforms such as Pardot and Marketo enable users to segment and nurture on the persona-level, while new CRM integrations position sales reps to have better, personalized interactions with prospects.

The company also unveiled its Content Planning Module, a tool designed to enhance content production and planning through the help of buyer personas, customer journey maps and messaging insights.

The Content Planning Module enables users to:

  • Take inventory of content, as well as map assets to specific customer journey maps, providing buyers with relevant and contextual content as they make their buying decision;
  • View a journey map visual that shows the number and type of completed content assets by persona and journey stage. Easily identify where there are over-investments and gaps in content coverage to inform content planning;
  • Share the content inventory and map via the Akoonu portal to increase access and usage organizationally; and
  • View the number of content assets by persona, journey stage and business objective to identify content gaps.

“ABM requires a deep understanding of your buyers and how and when best to connect with them through targeted messages and content,” said Jeff Freund, CEO of Akoonu, in a statement. “This understanding is the missing link in today’s ABM landscape that we’re helping marketers address.”