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HubSpot Unveils Enterprise Growth Suite, New Video Capabilities

Source: HubSpot Source: HubSpot

HubSpot has launched new Sales Hub and Service Hub offerings and updates to its Marketing Hub products, which the company has bundled into a new Enterprise Growth Suite. The company also unveiled new video creation, management and analytics features to its platform to streamline video content production.

The latest release intends to simplify the adoption process of HubSpot products — no matter the size of the company — while also positioning users to scale their businesses. It includes improvements to its Marketing Hub Enterprise and the launch of new Sales Hub Enterprise and Service Hub Enterprise products. Other new features include:

  • Goals, which are designed to help sales and service reps report on quotas, SLAs and metrics;
  • Playbooks, which can help customers build a library of resources and best practices for your sales and services teams;
  • A native Slack integration to help teams stay connected wherever they are.

At its annual INBOUND conference in Boston, HubSpot stated that the product announcements and improvements are designed to give customers more control and flexibility over their HubSpot account across sales, marketing and service departments as their companies grow.

“It used to be what you sold that mattered, now it's how you sell,” said Brian Halligan, CEO and Co-Founder of HubSpot, during his keynote at INBOUND. “There is a big opportunity for businesses to take advantage of this. They need to provide customers more self-service opportunities, become more customer-efficient and decrease handoffs. In the future, we're going to have to remove the friction.”

HubSpot also highlighted additional features scheduled to go live in the upcoming months, including hierarchical teams, health scoring, advanced content partitioning and workflow extensions.

HubSpot Video Intends To Help Businesses Easily Produce, Manage & Track Video Content

HubSpot also announced the availability of HubSpot Video, a new offering available throughout the HubSpot platform that is designed to help customers leverage video content more efficiently.

The solution, created in partnership with Vidyard, positions marketers to host and manage video on HubSpot for no additional charge and embed those videos across their website, blog posts and social channels. Sales teams can also leverage the solution to create, share and track personalized video directly from the HubSpot CRM to have more personalized conversations with prospects.

“Casual social video stories are becoming the go-to for consumers and brands alike, representing a huge shift for businesses that have historically approached video as a one-to-many broadcast channel with a big budget and complex production,” said Kipp Bodnar, CMO of HubSpot. “With HubSpot Video, our goal is to equip every salesperson, marketer and support representative with the tools they need to create quick, one-to-one videos that have the same personal qualities we’ve all come to love in an Instagram Story.”