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Invoca Integrates Call Data With More Marketing Apps

Invoca integrationsInvoca, a call intelligence software company, announced data integrations with Microsoft, Adobe, Kenshoo and Optimizely. These new integrations are designed to integrate phone conversations into the multichannel customer journey by connecting phone calldata with customers’ digital interactions.

Invoca currently integrates with more than 30 marketing technology providers, including HubSpot, Salesforce and Marketo.

New integrations available to Invoca customers include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics. Enhancements to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration enable marketers to get closed-loop reporting in Invoca, providing insight into the marketing campaigns driving calls and the outcome of each call.
  • Adobe Media Optimizer. By adding keyword-level data for call extensions, Adobe Media Optimizer users can now optimize bids to better understand the outcome of a specific call and the exact keyword that triggered the interaction.
  • Kenshoo. With real-time data sharing, Kenshoo users can view the most up-to-date metrics related to the keywords that are driving inbound phone calls. Kenshoo then incorporates this call data into its bid algorithms, enabling users to automatically optimize their search campaigns for more inbound calls.
  • Optimizely. Marketers can attribute inbound phone calls to the targeted website tests they are running using Optimizely's Experience Optimization Platform. Having the ability to know which variations are driving offline conversions over the phone enables marketers to further personalize web experiences for these visitors with targeted content, email campaigns, or CTAs based on visitors' interests.

“Many of the technology ecosystems that [multichannel marketers] have worked hard to architect don't account for phone calls, which can amount to millions in lost revenue,” said Kyle Christensen, VP of Marketing for Invoca.