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Leadspace Launches On-Demand Hub For Data Management

Source: Leadspace Source: Leadspace

Leadspace, a B2B customer data platform, unveiled Leadspace On-Demand, a comprehensive control center that aims to empower marketing and sales teams to optimize, analyze, align and activate their data all in one place.

Leadspace On-Demand is delivered as a self-service application and includes tools for managing data, analyzing account and persona data and creating segments for sales and marketing campaigns. It is now available to all Leadspace customers.

“You can’t be customer-obsessed if you aren’t confident in the accuracy and accessibility of your data,” said Amnon Mishor, Founder and CTO of Leadspace, in a statement. “[With Leadspace On-Demand], we’re giving marketing and sales ops people the power to automate and optimize the daily struggles they regularly face — whether that’s finding the right accounts for ABM, generating more qualified pipeline or ensuring optimal database hygiene to better fuel all your processes.”