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Quad/Graphics Launches Predictive Direct Mail Testing Platform

Quad/Graphics, a marketing solutions provider, unveiled a virtual, data-driven platform designed to show what types of direct mail offers are the most effective. The company stated that the platform, called Accelerated Insights, is designed to analyze demographic information with emotional characteristics to predict the direct mail format messaging and other factors that are important to customers and prospects.

Accelerated Insights evaluates an internally vetted pool of survey respondents to create panels that mirror a marketer’s target audience. From there, users can send survey panel members mailing packages to complete. Once responses are collected, a propriety algorithm is used to determine which combination of offer, format, messaging and imagery will create the most effective marketing strategy.

“We have worked with our customers for decades to fine-tune the tools, data workflows and logistics of direct mail,” said Andy Bear, Executive Director of Marketing Solutions at Quad/Graphics, in a statement. “It puts us in a unique position to analyze all the steps involved in direct mail testing and to develop a breakthrough approach that doesn’t take so much time and calculation.”