Study: Majority Of Marketers Consider Available Account-Based Data ‘Subpar’

  • Written by Matthew Halchak
  • Published in News Briefs

1Agent3DataData continues to be a tall hurdle for ABM practitioners, according to new research from Agent3, a marketing and technology company. The report found that 92% of respondents feel that the data available to them is subpar. Consequently, 64% of respondents relied more on personal instincts and existing relationships, rather than data, to identity leads.

The Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Insight Report analyzed data collected from more than 400 sales and marketing professionals. It is designed to understand common ABM challenges and identify existing gaps. With the data collected, Agent3 aims to share their statistical findings, draw conclusions on ABM strategies and provide insights for decision makers.

Other statistical findings in the report include:

  • 62% of sales and marketing professionals identify prospects through their own research, rather than incorporating a specific tool for data;
  • 77% of respondents agree they’re overwhelmed with information, yet struggle to gain valuable insight;
  • 94% of sales and marketing professionals polled agree that campaigns built on great insights deliver better ROI—but half of the respondents (50%) make decisions based on instinct; and
  • 84% of respondents have regretted a decision they’ve made based on instinct.

“The fact you can measure activity better will always help remove uncertainty,” said Clive Armitage, CEO of Agent3, in a statement. “The digital revolution means the traditional sales and marketing model—where marketing gets the top-of-funnel and where sales converts—is pretty much dead. ABM says that if you approach people with the right content and then follow the buyer through the buying cycle, and are smart in how you work with them, you’re going to be successful.”