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Sneak Peek: How RollWorks Crafted An ABM Hit With Personalized Ads, Direct Mail

RollWorks, a B2B growth platform and a division of AdRoll Group, struggled in the past to align numbers from its sales and marketing teams to ensure successful lead nurturing. In an upcoming webcast hosted by Demand Gen Report, Jessica Cross, Head of Account-Based Marketing at RollWorks, will discuss how the company used hyper-personalized advertisements and direct mail packages to target outbound accounts and boost conversion rates.

AdRoll Launches B2B Business Unit Amid Rebrand

AdRoll has announced a corporate rebrand and unveiled a new B2B division called RollWorks in response to growing demands from B2B marketers to better align resources with sales. AdRoll Inc. will now operate as AdRoll Group and will include two separate divisions: the E-commerce Growth Platform for B2C brands and RollWorks for the B2B market. The newly rebranded AdRoll is now available nationwide.

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