Sneak Peek: How RollWorks Crafted An ABM Hit With Personalized Ads, Direct Mail

Published: May 23, 2018

RollWorks, a B2B growth platform and a division of AdRoll Group, struggled in the past to align numbers from its sales and marketing teams to ensure successful lead nurturing. In an upcoming webcast hosted by Demand Gen Report, Jessica Cross, Head of Account-Based Marketing at RollWorks, will discuss how the company used hyper-personalized advertisements and direct mail packages to target outbound accounts and boost conversion rates.

The Challenge

Rollworks’ marketing and sales teams frequently produced varying numbers. Cross recalled one conversation in 2016, where the VP of Marketing said the marketing team had driven nearly 20,000 leads, while the VP of Sales said his team had not seen a single lead.

The company needed to define a common path to acquisition and was able to align the numbers. Conversion rates for outbound opportunities with a marketing touch (7%) more than doubled the conversion rate for outbound opportunities with no marketing touch (3%). RollWorks therefore needed to develop new campaign strategies to boost the newly-discovered numbers.

The Solution

To address the issue, RollWorks developed an “outbound for all” campaign in early 2017, which included delivering personalized advertisements and direct mail to all outbound opportunities.

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The company provided different advertisements for different stages of the buyer journey. It also developed direct mail kits to correspond with the four main stages of the buyer journey: door-opener kit, post-meeting kit, over-the-line kit and a welcome kit.

The Result

The personalized advertisements and direct mail packages resulted in higher conversions and lower costs. For example, the cost per acquisition for personalized ads was 42% less than that of generic advertisements.

To get the complete details on RollWorks’ campaign, check out the webcast live on May 24 at 2PM ET. Cross will share the success story of how RollWorks synced messaging with where prospects were in the sales funnel, the four components of the campaign, how to market to customers beyond the onboarding process and much more.

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