AdRoll Rolls Out ABM Solution For Persona-Based Ads

Published: July 31, 2017

adroll abm imageAdRoll Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a personalized digital marketing solution designed to help marketers target key personas at their named accounts, create highly personalized ads and show their impact by connecting two marketing tech platforms: CRM and programmatic advertising.


AdRoll ABM integrates with CRM and marketing automation platforms, enabling marketers to target personas at key accounts based on fields such as sales stage, geography, job title and more.

The tool can also support personalization at scale by persona and any CRM field, positioning users to customize ads based on these fields. Additionally, AdRoll ABM can provide insight into how and when leads are engaging and converting. Plus, enriched end-to-end reporting breaks down campaign impact.

Targeted Users

AdRoll ABM aims to help B2B marketers of all verticals who are looking to extend their ABM efforts with persona-based ads.

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AdRoll ABM connects directly with Marketo, and in the near future, with Salesforce as well. Other CRMs are currently being explored based on customer demand.

Delivery/Pricing Models

AdRoll ABM is a SaaS product and pricing starts at $36,000 annually.

Competitive Positioning

AdRoll ABM is designed to help eliminate a problem many B2B marketers face: finding a solution to target valuable leads, as well as identify and reach new valuable in-market accounts. With granular, seamless insights directly in their CRM, companies can better understand every touch point of the customer journey.

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