A Guide To Repurposing 5 Different Content Types

It takes a lot of time and resources to create content that has a positive impact on buyers' decisions. However, effective content curation can maximize the shelf life of your best assets — all while providing your team a consistent stream of content at their disposal. This infographic from Brafton shares tips and tricks to repurposing five different types of content that may be gathering dust in your repository.

When Curating Content, Don’t Pull A Melania Trump


This is Melania Trump.

Melania was recently accused of taking excerpts from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech from the Democratic National Convention and using them in her own speech at this year’s Republican National Convention.

If you’re a marketer, think of Melania’s speech as a piece of poorly curated content that wasn’t cited properly.

Don’t be Melania.

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Unbiased, Timely Content Key To Curation Success

shutterstock 151037795With the demand for content at an all-time high, many marketers are turning to curation to fill the gaps. When done thoughtfully, curation can be a useful strategy to ensure a steady flow of content for all stages of the sales funnel, particularly lead generation.

Content curation is a learning process that becomes easier and more consistent over time, observers noted.

360Chestnut Drives 40% More Marketing Leads With Curata-HubSpot Integration

360Chestnut logo360Chestnut, a company that connects energy efficient contractors and homeowners, has improved its ability to deliver quality content to its audience as a result of using an integrated solution from Curata and HubSpot.

Tapping into the capabilities of Curata’s business-grade curation platform, coupled with HubSpot’s inbound marketing engine, enables marketers to efficiently fuel their content marketing engine while better engaging with their audience to establish thought leadership and gain buyer trust, company officials noted.

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