360Chestnut Drives 40% More Marketing Leads With Curata-HubSpot Integration

Published: December 26, 2013

360Chestnut, a company that connects energy efficient contractors and homeowners, has improved its ability to deliver quality content to its audience as a result of using an integrated solution from Curata and HubSpot.

Tapping into the capabilities of Curata’s business-grade curation platform, coupled with HubSpot’s inbound marketing engine, enables marketers to efficiently fuel their content marketing engine while better engaging with their audience to establish thought leadership and gain buyer trust, company officials noted.

“We’ve seen a 40% increase in marketing leads since Curata’s installation, and we’re getting a much higher quality of visitors to the site as a result of offering great content,” stated Harold Simansky, Founder and CEO of 360Chestnut. “Many energy and other environmentally related rebate and incentive programs are highly localized, and without a large staff, it’s difficult for contractors to track these opportunities at a local level.”

Caroline Egan, Manager of Social Media and Content at 360Chestnut, added: “Before implementing Curata, we were only posting one to two blogs per week. Now we’re publishing five to seven every week. Our Twitter followers have increased by 20% as well.”

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