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Study: B2B Marketers Aware Of Data-Driven Challenges, Yet Deprioritize Solutions

A new study from Data as a Service company Synthio and Ascend2, a research-based marketing firm, shows that B2B marketers are aware of critical issues within their data-driven marketing strategies, but are not prioritizing a solution. While more than half (51%) of respondents said that integrating data across platforms was a critical challenge, only 37% said that it was an important objective in their data-driven marketing strategy.

Study: 74% Say Better Reporting, Measurement & Attribution Main Focuses In 2017

Better reporting, measurement, attribution and data are marketers’ greatest areas of focus, according to new research commissioned by the Internet Advertising Bureau. A total of 74% of marketers, media buyers and AdTech executives say better reporting, measurement and attribution will command their attention in 2017. The study also found that close to three-quarters (71%) expect their organization to spend more on audience data and related solutions/services in 2017, which grew from 67% in 2016.

The Periodic Table Of Marketing Attribution

Marketing attribution isn’t just a practice — it’s a science. In fact, there are enough factors in an effective strategy to fill a periodic table. This infographic from Bizible highlights the crucial pieces to an optimized, data-driven attribution strategy.

Fuel Strategic Growth With Data

Every organization is looking to grow, and data is crucial to driving that growth. This infographic from Oceanos illustrates how data can fuel essential demand generation activities for B2B marketers. 

Are You Battling The Buyer-Driven Blues?

ShannonDuffyHeadShotNot too long ago, marketing was just about creating flashy content, drawing a bunch of attention and hoping some of the people you hooked would become your future customers. It was a numbers game. We often relied on buyers who knew they needed — for example — a washing machine, and would go directly to the sales outlet to make a purchase within their price range. We were one of a few choices, and all we had to do was dress it up for the camera.

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