Terminus Acquires & Rebrands Zylotech

Published: September 30, 2021

Account-based marketing (ABM) platform Terminus acquired B2B intelligence platform Zylotech to enhance the accuracy of its customer data. Terminus plans to rebrand the company as Terminus CDP (customer data platform).

Zylotech enables companies to build revenue operations (RevOps) strategies with real-time, data-driven insights into their marketing initiatives. Under the acquisition, Zylotech’s technology will be used as the foundation for Terminus CDP and integrated directly into the Terminus platform for more comprehensive ABM insights.

Terminus CDP is designed to continuously enrich account data for Terminus customers, analyzing their contact databases to uncover inactive accounts and automatically reveal new account activity. This will allow users to accurately identify contacts within their key accounts while scaling their ABM programs for go-to-market (GTM) success.

“With the Terminus CDP at work behind the scenes for our customers, they can trust that their account and contact data will be persistently accurate,” wrote Terminus CEO Tim Kopp in a blog post. “Not only that, but their data will grow with them as Terminus CDP automatically discovers new contact and account data necessary to scale your ABM efforts. We’re driving the next marketing revolution by connecting powerful engagement channels with the first- and third-party data you need to execute multichannel ABM that delivers higher ROI and bigger impact.”

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This announcement follows Terminus’ unveiling of its new London branch, which will allow the company to expand its account engagement for the global B2B market. Terminus CDP will help the company’s enterprise customers in the EMEA market to engage their global contacts through more accurate account insights.

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