What’s Holding Back B2B Earned Media Efforts?

B2B marketers are looking for new ways to drive demand, increase brand awareness and bring more prospective customers into the pipeline. Paid, earned and owned media channel strategies have been practiced for some time, but earned media is growing more and more appealing as the price of paid efforts increases.

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Study: B2B Marketers Aware Of Data-Driven Challenges, Yet Deprioritize Solutions

A new study from Data as a Service company Synthio and Ascend2, a research-based marketing firm, shows that B2B marketers are aware of critical issues within their data-driven marketing strategies, but are not prioritizing a solution. While more than half (51%) of respondents said that integrating data across platforms was a critical challenge, only 37% said that it was an important objective in their data-driven marketing strategy.

Study: Post-Event Follow-Up Still A Challenge For B2B Marketers

certain event marketing studyNew research from Certain, an event automation solution provider, shows that companies have gaps in their post-event follow-up methods to measure, analyze and act on their success. More than half (57%) of the survey respondents stated that it takes them four days or more to follow up with leads after an event concludes. Only 6% can follow-up with prospects either on the same day or the day following the event.

Study: 50% Of Companies Not Using Email Targeting Strategies

Research from GetResponse also shows a limited use of marketing automation attributed to budget constraints

Marketing organizations still have room for growth in their email targeting and marketing automation initiatives, according to new research from GetResponse and Smart Insights. The study showed that half of the survey respondents are not using any email targeting tactics or tools whatsoever, and less than a third (29%) use basic segmentation for targeting.

B2B Buyer Consumption Habits Differ From Marketer Expectations, Says Study

LookBook studyA stark contrast exists between attention earned from content consumed and attention demanded by B2B marketers, according to research published by LookBookHQ. Engagement time with infographics — considered a short-form content asset to marketers — is 2 times longer than the engagement time with white papers. Blog post engagement time is also 1.9 times longer than white papers.

15 Stats About Blogging And Content Marketing

Blogging is one of the many content marketing initiatives that can have a positive impact on a B2B business. Research shows that B2B companies that blog see 67% more leads per month than those that don’t. This infographic from Inbound Systems shares stats validating the positive impact blogging can have on a business’ ability to generate leads, reduce cost-per-lead and boost engagement.

Study: 74% Say Better Reporting, Measurement & Attribution Main Focuses In 2017

Better reporting, measurement, attribution and data are marketers’ greatest areas of focus, according to new research commissioned by the Internet Advertising Bureau. A total of 74% of marketers, media buyers and AdTech executives say better reporting, measurement and attribution will command their attention in 2017. The study also found that close to three-quarters (71%) expect their organization to spend more on audience data and related solutions/services in 2017, which grew from 67% in 2016.

Study: B2B Marketers Low On Demand Gen Resources And Budget

A quarter of enterprise B2B marketers noted that limited resources were their biggest obstacle to meeting their demand gen goals, according to a new study from Annuitas. The demand gen consulting company said marketers also cited lack of budget (18%) and lack of a defined strategy (15%). In addition, more than half of these organizations (57%) have a dedicated demand generation team, but 61% say that this team is run by the corporate marketing or product marketing teams.

Study: Fast And Easy Tech Deployment Increasingly Crucial For B2B Buyers

Today’s B2B buyers are taking longer to make purchase decisions, but they expect solution vendors to be timely. That dichotomy is particularly true when it comes to purchasing technology solutions: As most B2B companies’ tech stacks continue to expand, it’s more crucial than ever for new platforms and services to quickly and seamlessly integrate into existing systems.

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