B2B Buyer Consumption Habits Differ From Marketer Expectations, Says Study

Published: February 3, 2017

LookBook studyA stark contrast exists between attention earned from content consumed and attention demanded by B2B marketers, according to research published by LookBookHQ. Engagement time with infographics — considered a short-form content asset to marketers — is 2 times longer than the engagement time with white papers. Blog post engagement time is also 1.9 times longer than white papers.

Called The Content Engagement Report Q4 2016, the report is based on a quarterly study that analyzes how prospective buyers engage with roughly 100 brand name, mid-market and enterprise LookBookHQ customers. The report also analyzes device preferences among content consumers, and found that engagement with mobile devices equaled that of desktops both mobile devices and desktops (47%).

“The production and promotion of content accounts for a huge portion of most marketers’ spend,” said Nick Edouard, Co-founder, President and CMO of LookBookHQ, in a statement. “Marketers need real data and credible baselines for content engagement to guide their demand generation and content marketing activities and decisions. The Content Engagement Report aims to address this need by connecting the dots between content and buyer engagement.”

Other findings from the report include:

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  • Video, web pages and white papers continue to account for almost 50% of respondents’ content libraries;
  • Organic search (35%) and email (30%) continue to be the strongest channels for content bingeing (consuming multiple assets in a session); and
  • Average time spent engaging with a content experience on a desktop is 3X longer than sessions on mobile devices.

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