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Televerde Expands Its Prison Workforce Development Program

1Call center pic2Televerde, a provider of demand generation services, announced a new partnership with the Homestead Correctional Institute, part of Florida Department of Corrections, to expand its prison workforce development program. The company signed an agreement with Florida’s Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises, Inc. (PRIDE Enterprises) to open an engagement center in Florida and provide career pathways for incarcerated women.

5 B2B Innovator Award Winners To Inspire You In 2019

B2B marketers don’t have it easy. From aligning with sales, mastering ABM, executing personalized campaigns and proving ROI, the list of tasks keeps growing, along with the number of martech tools to manage.

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The 'Inside' Story On Televerde’s Workforce And How It May Redefine Business Impact

The topic of Televerde’s “workforce” has drawn a lot of comments and whispers over the years. Sometimes, there is a bit of a sarcastic tone attached as it’s referred to as the “prison company.” Other times, there is an insinuation that women in correctional facilities aren’t worthy of investment, either because they're in prison or because of the belief that they aren’t capable of real change.

Study: Alignment Between Sales And Marketing Is Improving

1televerdeAs buyers become more independent in their buying journey, sales and marketing alignment continues to be at the forefront of business operations to increase abilities to close deals and boost revenue. While alignment has been a challenge in the past, a new survey from Televerde reveals that a majority of sales professionals (62%) believe that sales and marketing are aligned at their companies.

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