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TrustRadius Announces LinkedIn Matched Audiences Integration

TrustRadius, a research and review platform, revealed an intent data integration with LinkedIn Matched Audiences. The new partnership seeks to provide Matched Audience users with downstream intent data from TrustRadius to help them target and convert in-market buyers in the late stages of the buying cycle.

Specifically, the integration is designed to help marketers target LinkedIn ads to in-market accounts with tailored content and social proof, such as customer quotes derived from reviews on TrustRadius.

"Buyers use TrustRadius to research software and make a purchase decision, and their behavior translates to high-fidelity intent-data signals," said Vinay Bhagat, CEO of TrustRadius, in a statement. "Those downstream signals reveal buyers that are looking at your product, your competitors, pricing, product alternatives, features scorecards, FAQs and, of course, customer reviews." 

To provide more insight into the specifies of the integration, TrustRadius is hosting a free webinar on March 24.