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ZoomInfo Expands Global Business Contact Database To More Than 235M Profiles

ZoomInfo, a go-to-market software, data and intelligence provider, revealed its global contact database has grown to more than 235 million B2B professional profiles, including more than 145 million contacts in markets outside of the U.S.

ZoomInfo leverages automated technology to fill gaps in contact or company profiles to ensure they are complete and current. The AI is supplemented by a team of more than 300 researchers who proactively gather and verify data. These added layers of authentication include sending email privacy notices to data subjects and validating each data point with a thorough multi-step process. 

“We take pride in our expanded, privacy compliant B2B data,” said Kirti Patel, Senior Director of Data Engineering at ZoomInfo, in a statement. “Whether a customer is looking for local opportunities in a specific country, or expanding their outreach to foreign markets, ZoomInfo can provide detailed depth and accuracy with a commitment to compliance.”