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Brainshark Launches Text-Based Coaching To Enhance Sales Communication

Brainshark’s new text-based coaching activities, part of Brainshark’s sales coaching and practice solution, are designed to enable sales reps and other customer-facing employees to demonstrate, receive feedback on and sharpen their written communication skills so they can deliver greater value to buyers.


Coaches and managers use Brainshark’s sales coaching and practice solution to assign activities to their reps (e.g., “How would you position this new product to this particular prospect?”), and reps submit their responses through the system for evaluation. The solution supports video-based submissions, and now – with the introduction of text-based activities – managers can also specify that an activity requires a written response.

With these new text-based capabilities:

  • Managers can engineer and assign activities to assess written communications – For example, asking reps to personalize a prospecting email based on industry news, craft a mock email response to a pricing question, respond to a specific competitive objection and more.
  • Reps can receive email and mobile push notifications from Brainshark letting them know they have an activity to complete.
  • Reps submit their written responses through Brainshark’s system (multiple formats accepted).
  • Coaches/managers and peers can provide feedback, evaluating each response’s tone, consistency, persuasiveness and more, with star-based ratings and fields for written input. Reps receive an email when feedback is available.


Companies across a wide range of industries – including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, medical devices, financial services and insurance – can use Brainshark’s sales coaching and practice solution to improve sales effectiveness and results.


The Brainshark platform can integrate with CRM and other applications within existing corporate technology stacks. Brainshark provides integration packages for Salesforce, Highspot and Seismic, among other platforms – and can share data with other applications, as well. In addition, with a flexible iPaaS infrastructure, Brainshark can integrate with other applications within an enterprise’s sales ecosystem (including other CRMs, LMSes, etc.).


Brainshark’s suite of sales enablement and readiness solutions are delivered via SaaS.

Its sales coaching and practice solution – including text-based coaching activities, video-based activities and AI-driven machine analysis and scoring (of video-based submissions) – are part of the Brainshark Premier offering. Brainshark solutions are purchased as an annual subscription on a per-user basis.


Brainshark’s sales enablement and readiness solutions are used by thousands of companies across the world, including more than half of the Fortune 100. Current clients include MetLife, PTC and Riverbed.


Brainshark’s new text-based coaching activities aim to help create an ever-ready sales force. The solution is designed to enable reps and other customer-facing professionals to practice and sharpen their written communications skills, so they can deliver greater value to buyers.

The new text-based capabilities are designed to enhance Brainshark’s sales coaching and practice solution, which also supports video-based submissions (enabling reps to show how they’d perform a given activity or respond in a certain situation, etc., and receive manager feedback). So, with the addition of text-based activities, organizations have an even more comprehensive way to reinforce training, help sellers build confidence and ensure they have mastered their messages — no matter how those messages are delivered.



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