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Brand Wings Aims To Optimize Brand Strategies With Channel, Content & Performance Analytics Tools

Revenue enablement platform Brand Wings provides users with marketing, sales enablement and analytics tools to help users maintain consistent brand strategies in multiple channels and increase team productivity and efficiency.

Back-of-the-Box Details

The platform is a toolset that help users maintain brand consistency in their channels by allowing them to create customized channel portals and content based on their revenue goals. The toolset includes three individual offerings designed to help manage specific areas of B2B marketing strategies — channels, content and performance analytics — to drive buyer engagement and strategy efficiency.

The individual offerings include:

  • A Brand Asset Portal that provides frameworks to build and customize websites that unify their teams’ channel programs and content in one location, allowing teams to drive traffic, share content and set up calls with prospects efficiently;
  • Sales enablement tools designed to empower teams with customizable, branded sales assets, videos and PDF and email templates that engage buyers and prospects while increasing their productivity; and
  • Performance analytics tools that help teams measure channel and content engagement and tool effectiveness, tracking prospect activity streams to help teams optimize their channel strategies for maximum effectiveness and ROI.

Who It’s For

Brand Wings is designed for small and mid-sized B2B businesses that rely on direct sales interactions and indirect sales channels to drive buyer engagement.

What Makes It Special

Brand Wings’ toolset can be tailored to fit a business’ specific needs, allowing users to build custom portals and content, deliver buyer experiences in various channels and measure their programs’ performance based on their preferences and goals.


Brand Wings