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MultiView Launches Persona Targeting Solution For Digital Display Ads

MultiView’s Persona Targeting solution is designed to enable B2B companies to place digital display ads in front of a highly defined target audience during the early stages of the buying journey. With this form of programmatic advertising, customized creative and messaging assets can be delivered across the web to those matching the ideal customer profile.


MultiView’s Persona Targeting solution combines proprietary B2B data with users’ first-hand data about company goals, their ideal customer and the customer buying journey. Other relevant data from various sources is also incorporated. MultiView is then able to generate a custom-built persona, including targeting criteria — such as industry, company size, geography and job title — which is used to deliver digital ads to a precise audience of potential buyers, rather than a broad audience that doesn’t match a company’s ideal profile.


MultiView’s Persona Targeting solution is designed for VPs and Directors of Marketing from any industry seeking to influence niche audiences early in the buying journey.


Integration with CRM or ERP systems is not necessary for developing the custom personas/profiles or tracking ad campaign results. Campaign performance can be tracked with existing third-party tools, such as Google Analytics, using the appropriate tracking codes.


Delivery begins with client onboarding to develop persona criteria. Campaign management and reporting via a customer portal are standard.

MultiView’s Persona Targeting solution pricing varies based on target audience size and availability, and includes custom persona development.


Clients include B2B companies — from Fortune 500 to mom-and-pop businesses — that utilize MultiView’s Persona Targeting solution to reach highly defined target audiences ranging in size from <1,000 to millions.


MultiView Persona Targeting leverages high-quality, proprietary data from thousands of industry publications. The resulting custom-built customer persona allows companies to target niche audiences during the early stage of the buying journey, strengthening display ad effectiveness.


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