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Return Path SmartSeeds Platform Offers AI-Based Insights Into Email Deliverability

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SmartSeeds from Return Path is a deliverability data platform powered by artificial intelligence that aims to provide insights into email program performance. It is positioned to generate a deeper level of deliverability monitoring along with additional intelligent insights, such as subscriber engagement and engagement-based filtering.


The platform is designed to use artificially intelligent personas that mimic the behaviors of real-life users based on a mix of historical data and advanced analytics. By choosing which emails to read and which to leave unread, the personas aim to replicate the engagement patterns of real email recipients. For example, subscribers who are highly engaged with a particular domain may have a higher inbox placement rate than those who don’t engage. These insights can help marketers better understand their email deliverability, inbox filtering and areas for improvement.


The platform is available to all Return Path customers who have public email campaigns sent from their domains.


SmartSeeds is designed to work in conjunction with Return Path’s Consumer Network and CoreSeeds, as well as the company’s other proprietary data sources, to provide a complete picture of deliverability.


It is included in the Return Path platform at no additional cost. The pricing of the platform varies based on different solution and service options.


Return Path customers include Cloudmark, Westpac and more.


SmartSeeds aims to use artificial intelligence to help marketers monitor campaign performance, better understand how they are being filtered and provide better guidance on where they may be able to improve their email programs.


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