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SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker Measures In Market Brand Performance For Brand Development Strategies

The new Brand Tracker solution from SurveyMonkey is designed to continuously measure a brand’s key metrics and track their competitors, enabling brands to gain insight into consumer perception of their brand — from awareness to preference and purchase intent — to help build marketing strategies that drive brand development.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Brand Tracker enables companies to continuously measure brand performance in market by tracking behavior trends and consumer habits across multiple channels, allowing users to assess their campaigns’ effectiveness. The solution leverages AI-powered insights to identify trends, monitor key metrics and provide up-to-the-minute insights on how a brand evolves over time.

Users can also conduct competitive analysis on competing brands within the same market, which helps users identify what tactics and campaigns are working for their competitors to inform and improve their own brand strategies.

Who It's For

Brand Tracker is designed for marketing and insights professionals who want to measure key brand metrics while tracking competitors.

What Makes It Special

SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker uses AI-powered technology to surface valuable brand performance insights to help users stay on top of their brand health instantly, over time and without needing deep analytical expertise from third-party data sources.