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Targeted Content Curation With Inboundli

inboundli suggestions imageInboundli is a content curation software platform designed to help B2B marketers engage their target audiences by discovering and publishing relevant content.


The solution intends to reduce the time and resources required to launch a personalized content marketing strategy. Inboundli's content discovery capabilities position users to streamline the process of identifying content to engage specific audience segments.

The platform is also designed to highlight the most successful posts for each of the user's social networks. This enables users to save time and share content over the channels that are relevant to each audience.


The tool has a direct integration with HubSpot, as well as export capabilities positioning users to share content through their preferred platform.


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Competitive Positioning

Inboundli includes automated tagging, hashtag suggestions and images capabilities intended to add further personalization to curated content. This positions users to boost engagement by optimizing content to expand the reach of targeted content. The solution also has a built-in scheduling tool intended to simplify content sharing and consistency.

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