6sense Unveils AI Writer Tool Within Conversational Email Product

Published: June 8, 2023

Quick Scoop:

  • 6sense launched an AI Writer tool designed to help users create personalized, targeted email campaigns.
  • The tool is powered by generative AI and can be trained and customized to match company branding.

6sense, an ABM platform powered by Revenue AI, updated its Conversational Email product with the launch of a new AI Writer functionality. The new tool leverages generative AI capabilities to create personalized, targeted and on-brand email campaigns to engage prospects and build pipeline.

With AI Writer, 6sense users can craft tailored emails aimed to trigger a response. The Conversational Email assistant is then designed to manage replies and route conversations to the right seller at the right time. Users can also train and customize their model by uploading branding styles and contextual content.

Specifically, AI Writer is designed to help demand generation teams:

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  • Create contextual emails for various plays, including educating low-intent leads, prospecting in-market accounts and re-engaging lost opportunities;
  • Engage with prospects via email during times when location constraints may hinder communication;
  • Link traditional marketing automation and sales engagement platforms together without replacing existing systems; and
  • Leverage useful insights to better evaluate and report on email campaign effectiveness.

“Conversion rates are down across industries; it takes more touches across more buying team members to advance opportunities and prospect expectations for a deeply personalized experience feel unrealistically high with the tools marketers have been given,” said Latané Conant, CMO at 6sense, in a statement. “Leveraging our 6sense Conversational Email product and this new AI Writer has been a game changer for our own demand generation team as the generative AI capability has delivered real results, building 10% of new pipeline from accounts engaged.”

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