Act-On Unveils ABM Automation Solution For Multichannel Strategies

Published: May 5, 2016

Act-On Software announced its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Automation solution designed to help marketers orchestrate automated, multichannel ABM initiatives. The solution will be generally available in June 2016.

The solution aims to reduce the complexity of ABM by managing interactions across touchpoints to deliver highly-targeted, personalized experiences based on a prospect’s role and stage in the buying cycle.

“Act-On ABM Automation makes it easier for B2B marketers to execute a smarter, more coordinated account-based marketing strategy across the entire company,” said Kevin Bobowski, CMO of Act-On Software, in a statement. “And this internal coordination ensures that marketers deliver the best possible digital experience – for prospects and customers alike.”

By leveraging Act-On’s ABM Automation, marketers can:

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  • Link buyer behaviors and data across a single account view;
  • Create account-based campaigns to enhance nurturing and engagement;
  • Automatically score accounts and trigger campaigns and workflows inside and outside of the inbox; and
  • Target decision makers within an account to deliver a unified experience across the organization.

The solution intends to help CMOs supervise the customer experience by controlling messages seen throughout the buying journey via multiple channels, including email, social, display and direct mail.

Additionally, Act-On will integrate with the following applications:

  • Attend to accelerate revenue at events;
  • ListenLoop to deliver an account-based display and retargeting program;
  • Oktopost to engage and nurture social accounts and contacts; and
  • Terminus to build better segments and target personas to reach more decision makers.

Ultimately, the solution will “provide users all the functionality they expect from a marketing automation platform, and will now provide that functionality at the account level — not just the contact level,” according to Gal Josefsberg, VP of Product Marketing at Act-On, in an interview with Demand Gen Report.

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