An Inside Look At The 2024 Campaign Optimization Series

Published: March 26, 2024Modified: 2024-04-09

As we enter Q2, there’s no better time to revolutionize campaign strategies for unparalleled success in 2024 and beyond — and the perfect place to help you achieve those goals is the 2024 Campaign Optimization Series (#COS24). This year, our theme revolves around refining personalization strategies amidst data privacy changes.

Over the course of four days (April 22-26), we have a line-up of industry leaders that will delve into a world of cutting-edge techniques and transformative tactics designed to take your campaigns to new heights. New sessions are being added daily, but for now, here’s a preview of what you can expect:

Leads To Loyalists: Ascent Cloud’s Creative Approach To Swag In The Customer Journey

With Ascent Cloud & Printfection

Let’s face it: We all need to find creative ways to get people’s attention now more than ever. Jacqueline Leras, Ascent Cloud’s Marketing Manager, will share how the company uses data and creativity to drive engagement, revenue and brand recognition. In this webinar, Leras will discuss how Ascent Cloud finds success utilizing corporate gifting throughout the customer journey and discuss how attendees can turn their branded merchandise into a powerful marketing tool to attract and retain customers.

5 Lessons We Learned from Experimenting with AI

With Cvent

Mastering Marketing Metrics: Essential KPIs For Measuring Impact

With ZoomInfo

Marketing teams of all ages should routinely assess the key performance indicators (KPIs) they’re tracking — and if they’re not tracking them at all, then they need to decide where to start. Every marketing team should have specific KPIs that align with their department’s goals and the organization’s goals at large. In this webinar, ZoomInfo’s Michelle Blondin and Kyle Cook will discuss the crucial KPIs sales and marketing teams should prioritize.

How To Practically Apply Personalization To Drive Results

With Intellimize

Marketers know they need to personalize the buyer’s journey: But many practitioners don’t prioritize personalization because it can be costly and time-consuming, and it’s difficult to showcase the ROI from these efforts. To learn how to make the case to prioritize personalization as part of ABM and demand generation strategies to improve results, Carly Botelho, Director of Demand Generation at Intellimize, will explain how leading revenue organizations are using personalization to hit their marketing targets. Throughout this session, she’ll share how practitioners can easily apply these practices to their own strategies.

Navigating The Path To Revenue Orchestration With Conversational Marketing

With Drift, a Salesloft company

Modern buyers and sellers are encountering obstacles impeding smooth transactions and revenue growth. Sellers are mired in administrative tasks, leaving little time for valuable buyer interactions, while buyers navigate intricate purchasing processes, seeking not just products but enriching experiences.

This webinar — featuring Ottavio Dattolo, Drift’s Senior Global Demand Generation Manager — will address those challenges, spotlighting what Drift calls the “2080-hour problem,” where the limits of time impacts both buyers and sellers adversely. Attendees will learn how conversational marketing bridges this gap, elevating teams to meet modern buyers’ expectations, as well as how to leverage AI, active listening and actionable insights for a seamless customer journey and desired business outcomes.

How To Use AI To Optimize, Personalize & Scale Webinars & Events

With ON24

This session will dive into the practical applications of AI, transitioning from theory to action, as ON24’s VP of Marketing and Chief Evangelist Mark Bornstein unravels the secrets to personalized promotions, captivating presentations and dynamic content optimization. He’ll discuss how to infuse human-like personalization into email campaigns, elevate audience engagement, automate content suggestions and leverage webinars to spawn diverse content streams.

He’ll even provide insights into the future of webinars, where AI is poised empower marketers to scale their programs with unprecedented efficiency and efficacy.

Demand Transformation: The Practical Guide To Building & Converting MQAs

With The Marketing Practice

Clinging to outdated strategies is akin to chasing shadows, as Rita Mae Brown so aptly put it. As buying behaviors and marketing channels undergo seismic shifts, the antiquated MQL-centric playbook no longer suffices. But don’t worry: We have it on good authority that you should start embracing marketing qualified accounts or qualified buying groups.

Throughout this webinar, The Marketing Practice’s Brian Caulfield, Nick Blake and Phil Jones will dissect the emerging techniques poised to revolutionize demand generation, aligning strategies with the preferences of the modern buyer. From transitioning to account-based models to harnessing digital outreach for BDR/SDR activities, the trio will dive deep into actionable insights and cutting-edge technology that propel marketing effectiveness.

Revamp, Reuse, Recycle: Conserving Content To Drive New Campaigns

With Act-On

Tired of the endless content treadmill? Break free from the cycle with Act-On’s Matt Sailor, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, and Kelsey Yen, Demand Generation Manager. In this session, the pair will discuss how to up-cycle content effectively and maximize engagement without constant churn. Specifically, they’ll help attendees discover innovative strategies to amplify their message across channels economically and share how to stretch a single piece of content across multiple audiences to unlock hidden value.

Digital Advertising Strategies For A Cookie-less World

With Demandbase

As digital advertising shifts toward a cookie-less future, advertisers face the challenge of planning successful campaigns without relying on third-party data sources. With B2B buyers increasingly cautious about sharing personal information, reaching and engaging audiences is crucial.

Join Demandbase’s Gareth Noonan, General Manager of Advertising, and Jennifer Hughes, Principal Digital Expert, as they navigate B2B advertising amid Google’s transformative changes to the digital experience. Together, the pair will share insights into Google’s audience-reaching changes, as well as how to discover new targeting and measuring methods and harness the power of strengthening first-party data and tracking alternative signals.

Targeted Communication: Connect With Buyers Using Persona-Based Content

With Emerald Studio & Trimble

Crafting content tailored to diverse personas can be challenging. But what if you could effortlessly resonate with each audience, addressing their unique interests and priorities? Enter Rachel Jones, Trimble’s Content Marketing Manager, and Alexis Carroll Cline, Director of Content Strategy at Emerald Studio. Together, they’ll unveil their groundbreaking modular method for developing a seven-E-book series that’s igniting unprecedented engagement. Learn invaluable insights, from pinpointing target personas to streamlining production and cutting costs. Walk away armed with the tools, tricks, and roadmap needed to create persona-driven content that captivates and converts.

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