Dialectica Releases B2B Surveys Service In The Americas

Published: July 14, 2022

Dialectica, an information services company, launched B2B Surveys, a new offering designed to help businesses gather proprietary quantitative insights using research methods that have historically been limited to the B2C world. It was created to address client and external demands for a bespoke survey solution.

B2B Surveys seeks to provide a “one-stop-shop” offering that includes survey design advisory, programming of the survey, custom recruitment of expert respondents and visualization of survey outputs. The service hopes to provide transparency in survey respondent identity and generate high-speed insights to meet M&A deal- and decision-making timetables.

“At a time when the appetite for validated and trusted business insights and market data is soaring worldwide, businesses and investment professionals are looking for innovative ways to access primary research and real-time information to inform business decisions and evaluate billion-dollar investment opportunities,” said Fred Corkett, Managing Director and Co-founder at Dialectica, in a statement. “We’ve architected Dialectica’s B2B Surveys service to ensure research datasets are truly representative of the niche markets of interest to our clients, along with the assurance that survey responses are from vetted B2B experts. Helping our clients make smarter, better and faster decisions is our team’s passion and this new service is built with their needs in mind.”

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