DiscoverOrg & ZoomInfo Release Data Product For Automatic Cleansing, Enrichment

Published: May 16, 2019

DiscoverOrg, a B2B intelligence platform, has teamed up with ZoomInfo, a B2B contact database provider, to create Enrich, a new product that is designed to automatically enrich and cleanse data on an ongoing basis.

Enrich aims to solve the issue of inaccurate and incomplete data within B2B companies. It is positioned to gather and append data on more than 200 data fields across company, contact and technographic attributes, to enable marketers to:

  • Create shorter web forms and boost conversion rates;
  • Enhance customer segmentation and personalized targeting;
  • Identify churn risks and upsell opportunities; and
  • Equip sales with better insights for territory management.

The new product is immediately available to both DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo customers.

“Good data drives good business decisions, while bad data results in costly business decisions. It’s literally that simple,” said Henry Schuck, Co-Founder and CEO of DiscoverOrg, in a statement. “With immediate and ongoing access to correct, complete and consistent information, wherever that data lives, Enrich [aims to] make it easy for our customers to focus on what they do best: selling and marketing with confidence.”

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