Drift Innovates Conversational Sales Offering To Help Increase Sales Productivity

Published: October 12, 2022

Drift, a conversation cloud company, expanded its Conversational Sales suite to help sellers jumpstart conversations, build quality pipeline and maximize sales velocity using real-time insights and omnichannel communications.

Drift Conversational Sales uses a buyer-first approach that analyzes how buyers make decisions and what sellers can do to guide them through a decision-making process. The new capabilities include:

  • An AI-powered engagement score, which identifies the most engaged accounts based on interactions with brands’ marketing and sales motions;
  • A real-time dashboard that features a view of team performance (conversation volume, team capacity and metrics) to manage bandwidth and find coachable moments;
  • A live view that helps reps see everyone who is on the site to jumpstart live conversations, with the ability to filter based on geography and prioritize accounts by owner and engagement score; and
  • Mobile app parity, which allows reps to chat live with prospects/customers and receive real-time notifications on their smartphone.

“We are innovating to help sales teams confidently ride out this moment of market uncertainty and hit their revenue targets without burning out their employees,” said Kimen Warner, VP of Product Management at Drift, in a statement. “Drift Conversational Sales uses AI to accelerate conversations with prospects and build a quality pipeline without additional resources, while eliminating silos across complementary marketing and service teams.”

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