Full Circle Insights Unveils Improved Digital Source Tracker & New Patents

Published: November 19, 2020

Full Circle Insights,a marketing performance measurement solution provider, has launched improvements to its Digital Source Tracker, patenting new technology and designing new dashboards to help customers optimize their funnel metrics and attribution for their digital marketing efforts.

The updated Digital Source Tracker provides marketers with new dashboards that connect data from digital advertising efforts, social channels, digital lead/account outreach and website traffic. These dashboards aim to help marketers record and analyze the data directly within their CRM, allowing marketers to optimize their funnel processes, measure their digital marketing campaigns and outreach.

To ensure its success, Full Circle Insights secured two patents on the technology comprised of its “Full Circle Method,” including “Method and System for Object Synchronization in CRM Systems” and “Method and System for Recording Responses in a CRM System.” These patents allow Full Circle’s customers to track their campaign performance and record responses within their CRM for digital marketing efficiency.

“The common theme of all of our 2020 achievements is that they improve marketing efficiency, allowing marketers to make smarter investments by revealing which campaigns are performing best while also improving process efficiency at the same time,” said Bonnie Crater, Full Circle Insights President and CEO, in a statement. “This is especially important in any economic situation, but during a downturn, when people have to do more with less, efficiency is even more critical.”

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