IDG Agrees To Acquire Triblio, Fusing Martech With B2B Media

Published: June 23, 2020

IDG has agreed to acquire Triblio, in a union that will pair one of the largest B2B media brands around the world with one of the fastest-growing providers of ABM and B2B martech solutions.

In announcing the acquisition, Mohamed Ali, CEO of IDG, pointed to the powerful potential of combining media, data, audience and technology. “I met Triblio within days of joining IDG and could see immediately the power and synergies in having them join us,” Ali said. “By combining Triblio with IDG, we immediately add our global reach and scale, together with premium content and first-party data to accelerate our journey to the next generation of marketing automation.” Ali also predicted that the merger of the top companies would help to usher in a new phase of martech in B2B. “Together, we are building Marketing Automation 2.0 and continuing the transformation of IDG Communications into a company at the intersection of media and marketing technology.”

Andre Yee, CEO and Founder of Triblio, will continue to steer the growth of the brand, as Triblio will retain its own brand and team as a division of IDG. Yee, who prior to Triblio had been part of the executive team responsible for leading Eloqua to an IPO and then an acquisition by Oracle, predicted the acquisition will only accelerate Triblio’s growth from its already position in ABM.

“Part of what intrigued us was the strategic nature with what we could do together. We think that this partnership with them moving forward, ushers in a new kind of marketing platform,” Yee told Demand Gen Report.

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He stressed how merging an ABM platform with a global media tech company will allow marketers to reimagine how they interact with buyers. Moving forward, the buyer-seller relationship can be based more on influence and thought leadership than on traditional outbound channels. “Today, what most marketers have control of in how they influence buyers is through traditional marketing channels–email, your website, direct mail, that kind of thing. But they don’t have the ability to influence them on second-party media sites. It is a very powerful concept to tie together media data, and campaign execution.”

Yee added that the acquisition will further fuel Triblio’s ability to scale globally.

“IDG is a global media organization with a presence in over 100 countries. Because we have a built-in channel, we can become global right away, in every sense of the word.” Yee said. “By joining IDG, we will be able to extend the reach of the Triblio solution into international markets and better support our enterprise customers. We are also excited at the prospect of doubling down on our product roadmap toward our vision of orchestrating conversational campaigns across multiple channels and powering the sales process with insights and plays.”

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