IDG Launches ABM Solution To Identify Buying Signals

Published: May 21, 2015

IDG Communications launched ABM360, a suite of account-based marketing solutions designed to help marketers identify purchasing intent at the company and decision-maker level.

The offering is intended to leverage the company’s media brands, data and marketing services and global reach, according to company officials.

The solutions in the ABM360 suite include:

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  • Target Account Media, a media targeting solution that helps reach account lists at scale to drive awareness and interest;
  • High Intent Media, a solution that applies intelligence to surround high intent accounts with targeted media;
  • Creative Personalization, a creative solution that drives better engagement through the use of media that dynamically personalizes based on company data;
  • Target Account Lead Generation, a lead generation solution that helps marketers focus on only the accounts with the greatest potential for their business;
  • IDG Sonar, a data-enhanced demand generation program that provides sales intelligence at the company and individual decision-maker levels; and
  • Deep Media Nurturing, a content marketing program that uses highly-targeted, personalized media to nurture individuals through the purchasing cycle.

“IDG offers data, media and marketing services, and this new product leverages all three of those areas,” said Josh London, CMO of IDG Communications, in an interview with Demand Gen Report.

In the coming months, IDG will be layering new products into the ABM360 suite that use predictive analytics and additional advanced data segments, London said.

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