Integrate Unveils Demand Acceleration Platform To Improve Conversion Rates

Published: March 25, 2021

Integrate, a precision demand marketing (PDM) platform, announced its new Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP), a solution that is designed to help organizations centralize and connect B2B buying experiences to drive higher conversion rates and ROI.

The solution provides enterprise and high-growth organizations with customizable, precise demand approaches that connect directly with their demand engines to drive omnichannel demand gen strategies. It also allows users to develop personalized buyer or account-based experiences that keep target buyers engaged while maintaining cross-channel visibility.

Capabilities of Integrate’s DAP include the ability to:

  • Target buyers, accounts and buying committees with intent data and data intelligence for more precise marketing programs;
  • Connect internal systems to an integrated system of acceleration partners and APIs to help users boost pipeline, extend their marketing reach and increase conversion rates in real-time;
  • Measure program performance, budget, marketing spend and ROI based on the visibility of multiple channels at once;
  • Activate cross-channel demand campaigns to scale and orchestrate personalized buyer/account experiences; and
  • Validate incoming and outbound data to increase lead conversions, reject unqualified leads and ensure data quality.

“In today’s buyer-driven world, it’s no longer enough to implement only traditional demand generation or single-channel ABM strategies,” said Deb Wolf, CMO, Integrate, in a statement. “Today’s new world calls for the next chapter of B2B marketing: precision demand marketing, a more precise, more connected, and more agile marketing strategy that meets buyers where they are and when they want. Integrate’s Demand Acceleration Platform enables marketers to put buyers and their process at the center of everything they do and execute on a PDM approach that creates buyer trust, confidence and engagement to accelerate predictable pipeline with precision.”

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