Marketo Launches Social Marketing Automation Solution

Published: May 24, 2012

Word Of Mouth Reach Via Social Networks

While word of mouth is integral to marketing success, organizations still struggle to monitor, track and scale these conversations. Marketo’s new solution is aimed at providing businesses with the ability to leverage individuals’ social networking reach, empowering one inspired influencer potentially to reach thousands of prospects. The social marketing solution is designed to help marketers add these “social word of mouth” applications into every campaign. 

“Marketers must now move past ‘just doing something with social’ and instead make every marketing touchpoint inherently social,” said Sanjay Dholakia, SVP of Product Marketing and Corporate Development at Marketo, and formerly Crowd Factory CEO. “The rapid emergence of social networks like Facebook and Twitter has increased the power of word-of-mouth marketing.”

In addition, Dholakia told DemandGen Report, marketers today need visibility and access to rich social data to identify their top social influencers. They can then use lead nurturing to engage these important influencers, while tracking and quantifying their social marketing ROI.

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Key features in the Marketo Social Marketing suite include:

Marketo Social Boost features a Facebook page builder, designed to enable voting and polls to gather opinions, views and videos. The solution offers functionality for event-trigger shares, social comments, and ratings and form sign-in and sharing capabilities.

Marketo Social Promotions tools include customer referrals, sweepstakes, contests and flash deals. This new automated social marketing solution is integrated with the Marketo marketing automation platform to streamline the use of multi-channel data, analytics, lead capture and lead management capabilities.

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