Marketo Partners With Clari To Solve Data Silos, Drive Alignment

Published: July 11, 2018

Marketo, a marketing automation system, and Clari, an AI sales solution provider, announced a strategic partnership designed to unite sales and marketing teams and accelerate deals by providing a single, comprehensive view of the buyer journey.

The partnership aims to arm sales representatives with data on when a prospect opens a marketing email, downloads content or registers for webinars. Users can also access activity signal data, such as emails and meetings. By passing engagement data from marketing and onto sales, the partnership aims to bring both teams together to identify and solve any issues that may arise throughout the pipeline.

The companies plan to release additional integrations with Marketo Sales Engage and Bizible that are designed to help B2B businesses discover new opportunities, prioritize target accounts and streamline nurture campaigns, according to a press release.

“Most sales and marketing teams operate in silos — and it’s hurting the business,” said Andy Byrne, CEO of Clari, in a statement. “Our partnership with Marketo is aimed at breaking that data divide, providing both groups a new level of shared insight. With our joint solutions, sales leaders get clear visibility into marketing engagement in active deals, so they can forecast more accurately, and marketing leaders see which campaigns are actually driving revenue, so they can nurture more effectively.”

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“Marketo and Clari are joining forces to tackle one of the biggest challenges facing our customers today: the disconnect around building a predictable revenue model,” said Eric Johnson, Chief Sales Officer at Marketo, in a statement. “For the first time, sales and marketing can come together to build a healthy pipeline and rapidly turn it into closed business.”

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