Mediafly Finalizes Acquisition Of InsightSquared To Enhance Revenue360 Solution

Published: January 25, 2022

Mediafly, a sales enablement and content management platform, completed its acquisition of revenue intelligence solution InsightSquared to help power its Revenue360 revenue intelligence solution.

Revenue360 is designed to provide an insights-driven sales system that captures and analyzes data at every buyer touchpoint to help accurately forecast, coach and make prescriptive recommendations for the next best sales action. The combined Mediafly and InsightSquared solution will launch within Revenue360 in March 2022 and seeks to create one visual dashboard for content engagement, conversational intelligence, buyer intent, value engagement and sales activity data.

The product integration closely follows Mediafly’s $10 million funding round, where the company indicated it wanted to invest its new capital — which totaled $35 million total for 2021 — in revenue intelligence capabilities, among other initiatives.  

“By marrying Mediafly’s best-in-class sales enablement, content engagement and value selling tools with InsightSquared’s leading revenue intelligence, forecasting and analytics capabilities, we are providing the complete revenue enablement platform to meet today’s market demands,” said Carson Conant, CEO of Mediafly, in a statement. “The combined solution propels our technology far past sales enablement vendors that focus on traditional capabilities like content and learning management. When revenue teams leverage the combined power of Mediafly and InsightSquared, they eliminate the need to rely on partial intelligence and gut instinct to forecast sales and inform buyer-seller interactions. They get a clear picture of what’s happening at every touchpoint within the buyer journey, both in and out of the sales meeting, with prescriptive next steps to engage buyers, move deals forward and drive predictable revenue growth.”

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