Mindtickle Unveils New Features & Updates To Help Maximize GTM Productivity

Published: October 18, 2023

Mindtickle, a data-driven sales enablement and readiness platform, revealed new AI-powered capabilities designed to streamline workflows for revenue organizations. These updates include AI-guided program creation, self-enablement with real-time answers to field questions, scalable CHAMP and MEDDPICC call scoring and more.

The latest release follows the launch of Mindtickle Copilot, a generative AI assistantdesigned to help revenue organizations analyze team performance quickly and efficiently while creating practice and reinforcement mechanisms for go-to-market teams. Serving as a complementary offering to Copilot, the new features include:

  • AI-powered “just-in-time” enablement, which seeks to deliver relevant and real-time answers to frequently asked questions around topics like pricing or product features;
  • AI search, which generates search results across the Mindtickle platform based on a deeper understanding of language and search terms;
  • Role-based home pages that serve up content and training based on admin and user goals and the competencies needed to achieve them;
  • CHAMP and MEDDPICC scores for calls based on adherence to deal qualification frameworks to identify opportunities for coaching and training;
  • AI-based Guided program creation for enablement programs; and
  • Enhanced integrations with the Microsoft Suite that help users build content experiences for admins and users.

“AI and automation have greatly minimized the time and effort spent finding information or mining data for insight, while simultaneously maximizing human creativity and strategic thinking,” said Nishant Mungali, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Mindtickle, in a statement. “In the world of revenue productivity, this means revenue-generating roles can focus their time and energy on delivering exceptional customer and buying experiences. Mindtickle’s approach, which combines enablement, content management, conversation and revenue intelligence in one platform, means teams can operate with more context and improve faster and more sustainably than ever.”

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