New Research: Marketers Generated 1.9M Clicks Through Social Ad Campaigns In 2020

Published: April 2, 2021

Research from autonomous demand gen platform revealed B2B marketers generated $66 million in qualified pipeline, 1.9 million clicks and 102,000 leads through paid social ad campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn throughout 2020. released What We Learned from $15M in Spend on Facebook and LinkedIn, a report derived from the anonymous analysis of paid B2B social campaigns that included more than $15 million in ad spend and 30,000 campaign experiments.

The report found:

  • Marketers with higher numbers of experiments yielded better campaign performance than those who without;
  • Cost-per-leads (CPLs) were generally 10% to 50% lower on Facebook, but LinkedIn produced higher quality leads;
  • Popular calls-to-action (CTAs) were pricey on LinkedIn, with “learn more” having the highest click through rate and CPL. “Register” was one of the least used CTAs and carried the lowest CPL;
  • The most popular CTAs on Facebook had the lowest price tags, with “learn more” being the most efficient; and
  • Most brands use less than 100 characters in their ad text, even though the most-common text length is more than 100 characters on LinkedIn and longer ads garnered more clicks on Facebook.

“B2B marketers are always curious how they stack up against their peers and how to improve when it comes to campaign performance,” said Jason Widup, VP of Marketing for, in a statement. “We want to be a resource for B2B marketers and help them navigate what works and what doesn’t. Both Facebook and LinkedIn play an integral role in campaigns, generating leads and growing the business, and our analysis and anonymized platform data help B2B marketers run smarter, better campaigns.”

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