Phrasee Reveals New Real-Time Language Personalization & Insights Features

Published: March 2, 2022

1phraseePhrasee, a brand language optimization platform, released an AI technology designed to help brands personalize the language each customer receives in real-time. To support the release, the company also launched a Language Insights suite designed to help identify customer preferences on language, sentiment, diversity and tone.

The new language personalization will automatically create language with a sentiment that matches each customer’s preferences based on their unique profile. The new features are designed to help marketers:

  • Create fully automated, set-and-forget campaigns that generate, optimize and personalize the language that each customer receives;
  • Real-time optimization insights that find the best-fit messaging; and
  • Ensure each message delivered is true to the brand’s tone.

“Creating personalized experiences for each customer has long been the goal of brand marketers, but until now, it has not been possible to automate,” said Matt Simmonds, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Phrasee, in a statement. “Every customer will react differently to the language used in marketing messages, so it is critical that brands respond to these needs and create messaging that resonates across all customer interactions. Phrasee has solved this problem by combining its proprietary dynamic optimization technology with a unique language profile for each customer built on first-party data.”

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