Restructuring At Eloqua Begins In Wake Of Oracle Acquisition

Published: March 11, 2013

Oracle is reshuffling the responsibilities of some key Eloqua executives as the enterprise software management company prepares to make Eloqua‘s marketing automation offering the centerpiece of its Oracle Marketing Cloud strategy, according to sources familiar with the situation. Eloqua declined to comment and a link to Eloqua’s executive team takes visitors to a link to Oracle’s management team.

Insiders said that Eloqua’s CEO Joe Payne has been offered a position in product development with no direct reports so indications are that he will leave the company.

Heidi Medlin, Eloqua’s CMO, and Don Clarke, Eloqua’s CFO, have reportedly resigned. Eloqua employees who are staying on will reportedly receive offer letters from Oracle today.

According to sources, Eloqua’s sales, service, marketing and support teams will stay together as a global sales unit within Oracle. Eloqua’s President Alex Shootman will lead this team and he will report to Mark Hurd, Oracle President and a member of Oracle’s Board of Directors.

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Product development, product operations, product management and Eloqua Labs will remain together and report to Steve Miranda, EVP of Application Development for Oracle. This group will work under Thomas Kurian, Oracle’s EVP of Product Development.

Eloqua’s finance team will report to Safra Catz, Oracle’s President and CFO.

Oracle also plans to sell the Eloqua offering wordwide and will start off with a few key countries, sources noted.

Since the deal closed on Feb. 8, insiders told Demand Gen Report that Eloqua will not have a presence at upcoming‘s Dreamforce and Cloudforce events.

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