Rise Of The Growth Marketer: 10 Practitioners Sound Off On New Goals & Realities For Driving Growth & Revenue

Published: May 8, 2020

As demand generation evolves, modern B2B organizations must be cross-functional to deliver a truly customer-centric experience for buyers and drive revenue. This requires an integration of departments — from demand gen and ABM, to sales, customer marketing and marketing operations.

One of the key new roles and titles within the B2B organizations to address these trends is Growth Marketing. While the phrase itself has been prevalent in the B2B world — sometimes in different forms, such as “growth hacking” — there has been a surge in practitioners with “Growth Marketing” in their titles who are leading the way to driving revenue and growth for their organizations.

Working closely with the sales team and other departments and reporting directly to the CMO, growth marketers focus on delivering true value to not just net-new customers, but to those in all stages of the customer lifecycle.

To learn more about what Growth Marketing means for their organizations, Demand Gen Report reached out to 10 growth practitioners to get a peek inside their processes, tools and strategies for driving revenue and growth. Flip through the pages to learn from growth marketing leaders from companies such as Demandbase, Ginger, Datto, InVision and more to get a deep understanding of:

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  • How growth marketing is defined in their organizations;
  • The functions of the marketing team growth marketers work most closely with;
  • Top tools/technology integral to the growth marketing role, and
  • The future of growth marketing in B2B.

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