Rock Annand Launches “Live in 45” Lead Nurturing Program

Published: October 27, 2011

The “Live in 45” strategy and implementation program takes place through a 6-week guided implementation of an actual campaign that each participant will develop for their company. Between sessions, participants perform a homework assignment that takes them one step closer to a finished lead generation and lead management program. They submit their homework to Bruce for personal feedback and tweaking. According to Bruce, the series is designed to provide:

  • A detailed, step-by-step implementation process that helps marketers get ready to execute the first campaign in 45 days;
  • A personalized, tailored lead nurturing campaign;
  • Quantifiable results and qualified opportunities; and
  • A proven lead nurturing approach using the “Live in 45” system.

“The series is focused on providing insights-driven takeaways that help marketers understand the key components of a well-executed nurturing campaign,” Bruce said. “We are all pressed for time, juggling many projects so we cut corners, making mistakes that lead to disappointing results. And we over-think each aspect of the campaign, the content, the audience, the steps and frequency. Searching for the perfect campaign, we only get wrapped around the axle and nothing gets done.”

Bruce highlighted the problematic mindset of BtoB marketers, where organizations focus primarily on activity when efforts should be more results-driven. “When you are focused on outcomes, the process of figuring out what works best is something you never stop trying to improve and perfect,” he said. “That is why having a very specific methodology for developing program strategy and execution steps is absolutely vital to the level of success you achieve.” 

Focused on client acquisition and retention strategies for high tech companies, The Rock Annand Group works with clients including AlphaTrust, ChainLink Research, Curl Corporation, EdgeTrade, IMI Americas, Lean Logistics, Optum, Scivantage and SupplyPro.

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The all-inclusive ”Live in 45” program fee is $1,997.

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