RollWorks Launches Identification Solution, Enhances ICP Capabilities In ABM Platform

Published: March 11, 2019

RollWorks, an ABM platform and division of AdRoll Group, has launched a new Identification Solution designed to help B2B companies identify the best accounts to target with account-based marketing and sales programs.

Now available to RollWorks customers, the Identification Solution positions users to create an accurate ideal customer profile (ICP). According to the company, the firmographic and technographic data is continually updated to ensure accuracy and reach when moving to cross-channel execution.

Other features of the new solution include:

  • Define an ICP — Find shared firmographic traits for existing customers, any stage in the pipeline or current web traffic.
  • Build a target account list — Surface and prioritize new high-fit target accounts or validate an existing target account list.
  • Find new key contacts — Reveal new contacts within target accounts or within companies that match an ICP.

“As more B2B companies invest in account-based programs, it’s evident that determining a shared ICP and target account list is imperative for success,” said Mihir Nanavati, VP of Product at RollWorks, in a statement. “By utilizing data from our recent Growlabs acquisition and combining it with our existing data and machine learning technology, we are able to accelerate the account-based strategies for our B2B customers.”

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RollWorks’ Jessica Cross Discusses Company’s Push Beyond Digital Advertising

In a conversation with Jessica Cross, Manager of Demand Generation at RollWorks, she shared how the release of the Identification Solution has enabled the company to evolve from strictly digital advertising to providing an ABM solution that can help identify, target and engage key stakeholders.

“The solution allows marketers to identify their ICP, build a target account list and augment those accounts with contacts that would benefit the business,” said Cross in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “What we came across over the past year was that we were helping companies run ABM digital ad campaigns and customers would come to us and say, ‘we want to do this, but we don’t have a target account list.’ The conversation would often end there. But now we can continue the conversation with them since we have the toolset to help them build that target account list.”

The new capabilities are attributed specifically to the acquisition of GrowLabs in November 2018. With 320 million verified business contacts across 18 million accounts, users have deeper insights to understand target accounts and uncover a total addressable market.

“In addition to our own tech, [the acquisition] brought in a wonderful database that everyone can use. Data fuels campaigns, and now we have the tools and data to provide a targeted account list.”

The evolution of the company continues down the sales funnel. While digital advertising is initially considered a top-of-funnel tactic, Cross noted that providing additional account targeting capabilities position marketers to provide continuous, consistent messaging throughout the buyer’s experience.

“We can do firmographic targeting or we can score accounts based on engagement with predictive modeling,” said Cross. “We want to allow marketers to come with a list or firmographic filter, or even a close-won list for analysis, accommodating all levels of sophistication. With RollWorks, we also have integrations with solutions such as Salesforce, Marketo and HubSpot that allow for ‘CRM targeting’ and enables us to continue digital ad targeting throughout the funnel.”

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