Salesfusion Uses LoopFuse To Add Predictive Lead Scoring

Published: March 5, 2014

Following its recent acquisition of LoopFuse, Salesfusion is using the technology to add predictive lead scoring capabilities to its marketing automation platform.

Salesfusion’s predictive lead scoring is designed to score sales leads automatically according to characteristics of previously successful sales conversions.

Salesfusion executives explained that users will now be able to tell the system, “show me more leads like this” or “show me fewer leads like that” to improve the power and accuracy of search results, allowing sales teams to maximize time spent on higher-quality opportunities.

High costs and the complexity of integrating predictive analytics into a third-party system kept many marketing automation platforms from automating predictive lead scoring, according to Christian Nahas, CEO of Salesfusion.

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“We believe a marketing automation platform should not only be powerful, but the data should be accurate and the tools should be easy to use,” said. “Smart marketing automation is about doing more than reducing friction between sales and marketing, it’s about removing it. With Salesfusion’s predictive lead scoring, sales and marketing teams get real-time feedback and actionable data.”

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