Sendoso Integrates With Microsoft Dynamics 365 To Enhance Data Analysis

Published: June 25, 2021

Gifting platform Sendoso collaborated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, a portfolio of business intelligence solutions, to help diversify its buyer datasets and expand partnership opportunities for its enterprise customer base.

The integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 seeks to help Sendoso grow its contact information database to create a unified source of customer data from varying datasets that enhances buyer visibility. Sendoso users can leverage the diversified data to identify buyer interests more accurately, automate the sending process and measure their programs’ results.

“We know sending is a powerful vehicle to drive revenue and ROI, but when integrated with the data and applications our customers are using every day, it becomes mission-critical,” said Braydan Young, Chief Partnerships Officer and Co-Founder of Sendoso, in a statement. “This integration with Microsoft Dynamics is crucial for our customers who want to truly incorporate sends with their marketing, customer engagement and sales strategies. The more integrated we can be with our customers’ tech stack applications, the better they can connect with their customers and prospects.”

This announcement aligns with the results from Sendoso’s “2021 State of Sending Report,” with 88% of B2B sales leaders planning to leverage more datasets in their gifting to improve personalized sending strategies. By gaining access to Microsoft Dynamics 365’s buyer data solutions, Sendoso users can enhance their gifting programs to deliver more relevant, personalized gifts to specific buyers.

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