Study: Majority Of Marketers Identify ‘High-Quality Content Creation’ As Top Reason For Success

Published: July 11, 2017

1netlinenewContent marketers face steep competition and more aggressive goals in their quest for success, according to research conducted by NetLine, a content syndication and lead generation services provider. The research revealed that in the last year, 65% of campaigns excluded 17% of the active marketing audience, meaning many lower-ranking influencers were left out of lead generation campaigns.

The fourth installation of NetLine’s State of B2B Marketing Content Consumption and Demand Report studied the consumption behaviors of marketing professionals to help provide B2B marketers with insights on their target prospects. 

The report identified the most popular types of content consumed by active marketing audiences:

  • E-books were the most popular, representing 40% of the total consumption volume;
  • Guides produced 11% of the total consumption volume;
  • Content subscriptions, including magazines and newsletters, totaled 9%; and
  • White papers and reports each made up 7% of the consumption volume.

According to the report, 43% of the active marketing audience consumed two or more pieces of content in the past 12 months. Seventeen percent of respondents consumed more than four pieces of content, while 5% consumed 10 or more pieces.

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Marketers are often focused on one specific stage within the greater marketing-to-sales funnel, leaving them uneducated on opportunities for optimization,” said Robert Alvin, CEO and Founder of NetLine Corporation in a statement. “We want to help marketers see the bigger picture by providing the data necessary to make smarter decisions to increase revenue potential and campaign ROI.”

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